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July 2010



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Jul. 19th, 2010

Doctor Who



I'm confused, have we really never had a "Buss Halloween" and if not, why not?!
King Kong Busselton has tons of spooky gear!

(I think maybe we haven't had them because there have been other Halloween parties each year, but I think this is the main party I'm pushing for Buss11!)

More party ideas? Discuss!

May. 3rd, 2010

girlmore girls




SO in an eerie twist of fate, the dates for SOUTHBOUND 2011 are actually 1-3 jan, NOT 7-10 as we had initially predicted. These means that for SB-attendees, BUSS11 will truly be the longest buss ever - at a record 12 days duration. :0

a mixed bag of trepidation and sheer delight! 


Jan. 24th, 2010

Leia, Star Wars, Han


Return to Heron's Rest

A look back in time to Buss09: here's the "Harry Potter" footage I filmed in order to make a great movie. It doesn't really make a great movie, but it does make some quality footage for the "Buss Documentary". Enjoy!

Jan. 14th, 2010

Leia, Star Wars, Han


I've become a wintry tomato

And then:

Also, my BussTen photos are now up here.

I miss Buss!

Dec. 8th, 2009

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Buss Meeting Minutes

Woops, I forgot to take the notes home with me so this is from memory, but I'm pretty sure it's correct!

Minutes of the Buss meeting for those who couldn't attend:

1) Numbers
We have at least 12 people coming down for the whole time (awesome!) and a couple of maybes/part-timers. Please refer to section 2. Anne, I think we have you and Jonathan on the full time list so just let us know if you need to change!

2) Costs
2a) Accomodation:
$150 for the 10 days for full timers

2b) Food:
$125 for the 10 days for full timers
This wasn't discussed but I can collect the food money? Pay me by first day of Buss.... or else (no food for you)!

2c) Fuel:
$50 return
$30 one-way

Drivers are keeping their receipts over the week so fuel money can be distributed accordingly.

2.5) Part timers:
Part timers are paying $20 per night which covers accomodation (you might want to bring something to sleep on!), food and driving around costs (I think?).

3) Drivers
I think Magda, Abby, Tom and Sasha signed up as drivers? Thanks guys! We forgot to do names in hats for passengers - something for the 20th?

4) Games
Many good games were suggested. Buss will be lots of fun. Wizards!

5) Celebrity Friends
Liza Minnelli will be attending as Luke's celebrity sexy enemy.

Secret Santa limit is $25 and we're meeting on the 20th at an undecided time (last I heard). I think this is on "facebook", so please keep me posted!

Nov. 29th, 2009

Leia, Star Wars, Han


Read Me Read Me

So lately I've been spending lotsa money and I just realised I should probably be factoring in Buss!

Have we decided on any budgets yet, eg. food/petrol? I know I paid some money towards the house but I can't remember exactly what the plan was?

Am I right in thinking it's almost December and somehow we've managed to get away with no Buss meetings yet for Buss10? Crazy!

If these matters are still undecided then maybe we can sort them out when we distribute Santas? A day for this still needs to be settled. Magda has tentatively suggested THIS WEDNESDAY, does this suit you? My house could possibly be available, though there'd be a curfew so if we're likely to talk into the night another venue may be preferable.

Alternatively, when do Luke and Abby get back??

Please comment on this entry!

To summarise, your questions are:
- do we have budgets?
- have we really not had a meeting?
- are you free wednesday?
- if not, when are you free?
- do you know when Luke and Abby return? (this will be an easy question if you're Luke or Abby reading in an internet cafe)


Sep. 10th, 2009

Leia, Star Wars, Han



Hey friends! I am soon going to be in possession of my SB ticket (now buying hard copy to stingily save myself $7) and I am excited. I'm also not camping.

Now I've heard some disappointment over the general move for non-camping this year.
"Oh no!" you say, "it'll never be as good!"

However this is where you're wrong! Because here are THREE AWESOME SUGGESTIONS I have for making Southbound-in-the-House bigger and better than actual Southbound camping:

"Man, I've just got home from the festival and now all I want is a warm cup of chai before bed".
Never fear, because I have full intentions to get:
a) a couple of sheets/blankets
b) Chai from the supermarket
c) "cushions" (my pillow, I suppose I can't volunteer everyone's)
and create our own Buss House Chai Tent in a corner of the house where, even better, the Chai is free! Too good to be true?

"But the best part of Southbound is all livin' together under tent canvas"
If memory serves me correctly, the loungeroom of this house effectively serves as a bedroom for 4 (?). What better open space to sling up a few sheets (potentially borrowed from the Chai tent), bring in mattresses and build one big mega-fort for us all to sleep in? Or if this proves spatially infeasible, option 2 is to create mini-forts in all the bedrooms so each bedroom is like a tent unto itself and then shout "FKORF!" at each other whilst trying to sleep.
Or even option 3, as Ben suggested, still bring tents and pitch them out in the yard.
Possibilities are endless.

"Hang on, surely what sucks most of all is missing out an all the exclusive Friday night acts and a night of great music?"

.... our house will have guitars, iPods, musically inclined people, people who like to drink and then become musically inclined people, people who like to dance and party: all the elements are there.
I propose: BUSS CONCERT.
Twist in the tale!

And if none of these suggestions would fully recreate the authentic Southbound experience for you, I'm happy to pee in the sink you want to brush your teeth in.

Anyone else got suggestions? Party party!

(ps. My claim of "bigger and better" is true because a) you can shower, b) it's cheaper and c) all our non-southbound going friends can join us! Win-win-win).

Sep. 4th, 2009

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(no subject)

So, I've seen some talk of a Buss meeting. Is there time to have one this weekend?

I'm pretty keen to buy a Southbound ticket before pre-sale ends (Monday), and my current standing is: two days, no camping. But is anyone going who IS camping? If so, I would like to hear your arguments for this option so I'm sure I've weighed everything up!

Sep. 3rd, 2009


FROM TOM (ps meetings rule, from me)

So anyways. Was talking to Gab today, mentioned she'd be interested in coming to Buss for a few days, probably during South-B. Also mentioned discussing this with Lola to come with her. Just thought I would share this now rather than probably forget by the time we have a meeting to discuss invitations et al.

Anyway just making a note of this for future discussion.

I'm more excited about the meetings than Buss. Is that wrong?

Sep. 2nd, 2009

Ms Norbury coffee



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