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July 2010

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Leia, Star Wars, Han

the_moriarty in zooper_dooper

So, I've seen some talk of a Buss meeting. Is there time to have one this weekend?

I'm pretty keen to buy a Southbound ticket before pre-sale ends (Monday), and my current standing is: two days, no camping. But is anyone going who IS camping? If so, I would like to hear your arguments for this option so I'm sure I've weighed everything up!


This and next weekend are bad for me.

I mainly just wanted to find out if anyone's made up their minds about SB before Monday - but I'll ask around tomorrow and if I don't hear anything, I'll just proceed as planned!

Detectoring Awesome.

Ah Moriarty, you have sensibly started a thread for the question I asked in a not-so-track-able comment 2 or 3 ZDs ago.

I think I'm pretty much decided on a 2 days, no camping scenario. I'm also happy to drive back from SB for both days in case anyone feels like a drink or two to wash down their order of awesome live music. Of course there's easily more than 5 of us so it doesn't really resolve the issue.

PS: After hearing a bit more about the movie from you the other night, I've been reading a Sherlock Holmes E-book, 'A Study in Scarlet'. So detectoring awesome!

Re: Detectoring Awesome.

Awesome, yeah, as mentioned at Hannah's picnic non-camping's still looking like the way to go for me - I'll probably buy my ticket either tonight or tomorrow morning!

camping is for chumps

i understand that luke, moriarty and i all have southbound tickets for sat and sun, no camping.

slightly dissapointed re missing friday night entertainment, but stiff upper lip.

has anyone else procured a ticket? i'd like to know who i have to avoid on the day. (you are all total bussnuts).

Re: camping is for chumps

Okay, this has suddenly given me "the best idea ever" but I think it deserves a post to itself!

I know that Jenny, Magda and Caro are all definitely getting tickets, and last I heard they are all also non-camping. Party party!