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July 2010

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So lately I've been spending lotsa money and I just realised I should probably be factoring in Buss!

Have we decided on any budgets yet, eg. food/petrol? I know I paid some money towards the house but I can't remember exactly what the plan was?

Am I right in thinking it's almost December and somehow we've managed to get away with no Buss meetings yet for Buss10? Crazy!

If these matters are still undecided then maybe we can sort them out when we distribute Santas? A day for this still needs to be settled. Magda has tentatively suggested THIS WEDNESDAY, does this suit you? My house could possibly be available, though there'd be a curfew so if we're likely to talk into the night another venue may be preferable.

Alternatively, when do Luke and Abby get back??

Please comment on this entry!

To summarise, your questions are:
- do we have budgets?
- have we really not had a meeting?
- are you free wednesday?
- if not, when are you free?
- do you know when Luke and Abby return? (this will be an easy question if you're Luke or Abby reading in an internet cafe)



- do we have budgets?
No. We do not. But i think Magda would be good to comment as she organised the deposit.

- have we really not had a meeting? Amazing but true!

- are you free wednesday?

- if not, when are you free?
Free, like your butt

- do you know when Luke and Abby return? I don't think L+A read LJ anymore. They return sometime in the next week, i think.

We can meet in SoPo?

Awesome! I just realised my parents are home on Wednesday after all, SoPo sounds much better for fun times!

By the next week you mean the week after this one? Cool, then I reckon we lock in for Wed and save Abby (and Luke if he's in this year?) their names as it'd be good to get started on some present buying.
Want to send out a 'facey' about Wednesday? I can see if Sasha's free, or maybe she will see this entry!
Hullo there

Magda messaged you yesterday right? Abby and Luke are back tomorrow.

I think it's safe to say we'll pay about the same amount as last year.


$15 per day



approx. $12.50 per day


*opinions on this new system are welcome!

INDEPENDENT TRAVELLERS | $10 (covers all driving during the week)

Accommodation based on 12 people staying each night.
Those would be...
1. Moriarty
2. Abby
3. Magda
4. Jenny
5. Sasha
6. Luke
7. Tom
8. Caro
Ben, Chris, Hannah, Lola (pt), Gab (pt), Damien?, Sophie?, Sam?

So all we need to know is who is going, and then who to pay money to.

If you are staying the full time and are getting a ride there and back, it will be $325*

*But yes, some people have already paid their accommodation

Hey, cheers! I couldn't remember what we paid last year (/was too lazy to look it up), so thanks! This sounds good.

Yep, I got the message from Magda - good news that they're back so soon! With this new information should we reschedule after checking in with them, or stick with the plan as is? Are you free Wednesday?
I see my name isn't on the list :P I won't be back in Perth until close to Christmas time but I do definitely want to come so I will check ZD as much as possible for information. In Darwin at the moment and my internet is about to run out so better dash but I will keep checking.
PS I may come down part-time. Still figuring that out.

Cool! This is for Buss itself? Yep, will try and keep the community updated regarding any costs decided on to keep you posted!
I'm pretty sure we had a good payment system last-year for being unsure if you could make it, or being only there part-time - I just can't remember what it was!

Did you want in for secret Santa as well, or will you still be away on the 20th?
Yep, indeed it is for Buss!

Re: Secret Santa - I get back on the 19th so it may be pushing it? Will have lots to do in the few days when I get back but hope it's lots of fun :)

Sorry Anne! Wrote that comment quickly and just started running off names :P