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July 2010



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Aug. 27th, 2009

Leia, Star Wars, Han


Talkin' bout Southbound

Attention Buss friends:

On Monday we're going to find out if we've been allocated Southbound tickets (if you registered for pre-sale) - so a question for everyone is: what are your Southbound plans?

I still can't decide whether I want to camp, stay in the house, go for one day, not go at all, etc. So many options! I'll quite possibly end up going with the majority, though at the moment I'm leaning towards 2 days no camping. That said, most of the people I want to see are only on the one day, whilst camping is the funnest part of Southbound!

Here are the pros and cons I can see of some assorted options. Does anyone have any more? Opinions?

Single Day - $140
- cheapest option
- all the bands I want to see are on the Sat
- still some good bands on the other day
- second round announcement might put awesome bands on the day you didn't plan to go
- two days is only ~$60 more.

Two Days - No Camping - $198
- can see all the bands
- can stay in the house, which we've already paid for.
- ~$50 cheaper than camping
- may have to queue up to get in/out of the festival
- will have to drive from house to festival each day, hence have drivers that are happy to do so. (there may be buses but if so they haven't been announced yet. Buses mainly come from towns outside of Buss but may stop at the Busselton station as well).

Two Days - Camping - $219
(this is the options where you camp Sat and Sunday)
- not as many days out of the house
- slightly cheaper than three day camping
- camping without the Friday night camper fun.

Three Days - Camping - $255
- the full camping/Southbound package
- camping is fun
- most expensive option
- three days out of the house we've already paid for


Jul. 30th, 2009

lemon drinks coffee


Anyone get email from Sunset Events this morning?

The Other Southbound Essentials

The dates: Second weekend of January...more details coming soon.

The place: Sir Stewart Bovell Park, Busselton.

The acts: Ha, you almost got us! But you’ll have to wait a bit longer for that. You’ll be the first to know, right here...keep an eye on your inbox!

... which I guess means Jan 8-10, right in the middle of our house stay.

Oh yeah, the email was about registering for the pre-sale ticket ballot.

Jul. 7th, 2009

Leia, Star Wars, Han


Bussten: Bustin' Expectations

Let the Busselton plans continue!

I would like to propose a motion for yet another Bussten activity: BUSSASSINS

This will be a Buss variant of the "popular game" (that I've just read about) Assassins, where those interested will be assigned a BUSS TARGET who must be disposed of before the end of the week.
To make this game more adaptable to a "stuck in a house together" environment, I'm thinking there would be a select few designated weapons (or possibly just one, I like the sticker/peg idea, ie. something sneaky) and a strict no-one-can-see-you policy, meaning you have to catch your target when they're alone! This wouldn't be a game about violence or hitting people with spoons (or would it?) but rather about stealth, subterfuge and seduction (ie. to get your target alone. OPTIONAL VARIANT).
If you get your target, your next assignment would be theirs, leading to a mighty knockout system where only one will survive.
Last person standing at the end of the week wins some kind of awesome Buss prize!

"Sounds like fun, Moriarty, I'm keen to play Bussassins!"
Expect to hear more about this great initiative for casual Buss antics closer to the time.

Any more ideas for Buss celebrations?

May. 27th, 2009



for those who have not tuned in to the behind-the-scenes goings on - i have been in touch with summerset and confirmed that they are very strict regarding the number of guests. silvergull, however, are cruisy as and will even provide us with an extra mattress. LUXURY! 

they are also hella cheap at only 1260 for a week or 1500 for ten days. it's a heap less than summerset! also assuming 10 people come along (and there will probably be more) that's less than 25 dollars extra for the three extra nights! cheers to jenny for doing that maths! 

the only real downsides are:
a) a lack of personal space, but hello it is buss
b) the house does look a touch a "grubby" but should be cool right? it's not like buss is a particularly clean time for any of us
c) it doesn't have a spa (but at least it still has a shower!) 

so - if you have anything to say about this all, please speak now or forever hold your peace.
otherwise, i'm going ahead with the booking (and for ten nights - though of course everyone can choose how long they'd like to stay!)
(ps if you really want linga longa, now is the time to say so!) 

at last, 

May. 6th, 2009

Leia, Star Wars, Han


Buss Fever Strikes Again

Buss Party Planning Committee: commence proceedings

Today I came up with two ideas for Buss parties. Anyone got any more? Let's kick off the party season!
Maybe these have been suggested before but if so, why haven't we done them yet?

B for Buss. B for booze. B for butts. B for beach. B for buff naked. It was meant to be!

A truly great excuse to get some good beer (and sausage) times happening! I'm thinking of something like everyone buys a 6-pack of a different beer and we sample them all, being pleasantly merry by the time the beer is gone!

These would also work, I'm sure, as afternoon parties in case we want to quiet down in the evenings. Or morning parties? Thinking outside the box?

I don't want this post to take your attention away from Magda's most recent post which is genuinely important. So GO VOTE IN THE POLL and then COME AND TALK PARTY!


BUSSt a move

hey guys -

BAD NEWS i called the nest and it turns out they are selling the property and the listing on stayz was an error

OK NEWS I GUESS i called up the summerset lady to have a further chat about the noise sitch. she just said that she was worried about us disturbing the neighbours, but was happy to book us in because it seemed i was "getting the message" so i placed a tentative booking there, because, why not?


Poll #1395562 LAST CHANCE POLL

Which house do YOU want to stay in on Buss10?

Summerset (aka "keep da noise down")
Bonnie Busselton (aka "one bathroom only")
Silvergull (aka "sleep in shared spaces")
Waiting (aka "let's see what else comes up")

May. 5th, 2009

girlmore girls



guys! i was just writing this really despondant entry about how there are no ideal buss options this year, and then i discovered that THE NEST was back up on stayz! it sleeps 12! it's a great location! and, because for some reason it has not been listed for the last few months, IT IS NOT BOOKED. i have sent through an enquiry and will follow up tomorrow. await with bated breath! 

in the meantime, go check it, and share opinions: http://www.stayz.com.au/30062

Apr. 26th, 2009

girlmore girls


buss update

Hey guys,

Just updating you on some prices for the following houses for ten days (Jan 3-13 2010).

$2500 plus $300 bond

$1500 plus $300 bond
(almost suspisciously cheap...)



$550 per night (also very strict on not having more than 10 in the house)

Have not heard from SUMMERSET, tried calling to no reply. So I guess they're off the table for now.


I also got the most recent Accom. Listing from the Busselton Tourist Place, though I'm always wary of booking without seeing pictures. Here are the options that MIGHT work for us: 

Davies Way Peak/Xmas Holidays $1500 pw 4 Bedrooms ABCDEFGHIJK 100 meters from the beach, brand new,
Busselton   $250 pn Sleeps 10 LMORSTUVW pet friendly, 50m from the cycle path
  Off Peak $1200 pw     into Busselton on bikes provided.
    $200 pn     Wheelchair access.
  Long Weekends $250 pn     Non Smoking.
i found this little gem's website: busseltonholidayhouse.com.au
i have already called up, and it's booked but it might be a serious contender for buss11?
i'm all for booking buss11 now, personally...

Marine Terrace Peak/Xmas Holidays $900-$1700 pw 4 Bedrooms ABCEIJKMORST 100 Metres from the beach & Bayside
Busselton   $150-$270 pn Sleeps 10 VX shops. Very clean, neat & tidy.
  Off Peak $800-$1000 pw     Fully landscaped.
    $150-$270 pn     CD Player, 2x VCR's, standing fans.
  Long Weekends $170 pn     Pets allowed, outside only.
QUESTION: is this is the buss06 house?!

Broadwater Peak/Xmas Holidays $1800-$2000 pw 4 Bedrooms ABCDEFIJKLMO 2 televisions, 2 DVD players, 2 queen 
Boulevard   $300 pn Sleeps 10 RTUX beds, 4 singles, 1 double. New 4x2
Busselton Off Peak $1300-$1500 pw     home 4.5kms from Busselton town
    $200-$250 pn     centre at beautiful Broadwater
  Long Weekends $300 pn      
  *Weekly bookings only for School Holidays      
  *Minimum stay 3 nights at other times      
* no reponse from these guys but will keep trying....


so everyone - THOUGHTS?

Apr. 21st, 2009

Leia, Star Wars, Han



Just googled "Buss" on a whim and discovered this song: "Buss Down"

Apr. 11th, 2009

girlmore girls


the house sitch

hey guys, just to update you: 

- i called both beachfront and summerset, but have only heard back from the former so far.
- beachfront is pretty expensive - $250 a night for six, plus $25 extra for every additional guest - plus they definitely don't want more than ten, and plus they can only offer us seven days. i no longer think they're such a great option. thoughts?
- summerset is supposedly booked from the 10th, but i'll confirm when i hear from them.

i've also enquired at the following properties via email: 
SILVER GULL COTTAGE: http://www.stayz.com.au/55532
BONNIE BUSSELTON: http://www.stayz.com.au/53791
SUSSEX HOUSE: http://www.stayz.com.au/52032

are there any others i should be thinking of?

SILVERGULL is actually one we have not looked at before, but it has some great features, including: BIKES, a trio bed, a free bottle of wine, a nice location, a freaking GOLF BUGGY (?!) and beds for 11 (all the others are for 10).  Personally I think it could be a winner, even though the pictures aren't that great.

will update you as i receive info.


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