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July 2010

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Leia, Star Wars, Han

the_moriarty in zooper_dooper

Buss Meeting Minutes

Woops, I forgot to take the notes home with me so this is from memory, but I'm pretty sure it's correct!

Minutes of the Buss meeting for those who couldn't attend:

1) Numbers
We have at least 12 people coming down for the whole time (awesome!) and a couple of maybes/part-timers. Please refer to section 2. Anne, I think we have you and Jonathan on the full time list so just let us know if you need to change!

2) Costs
2a) Accomodation:
$150 for the 10 days for full timers

2b) Food:
$125 for the 10 days for full timers
This wasn't discussed but I can collect the food money? Pay me by first day of Buss.... or else (no food for you)!

2c) Fuel:
$50 return
$30 one-way

Drivers are keeping their receipts over the week so fuel money can be distributed accordingly.

2.5) Part timers:
Part timers are paying $20 per night which covers accomodation (you might want to bring something to sleep on!), food and driving around costs (I think?).

3) Drivers
I think Magda, Abby, Tom and Sasha signed up as drivers? Thanks guys! We forgot to do names in hats for passengers - something for the 20th?

4) Games
Many good games were suggested. Buss will be lots of fun. Wizards!

5) Celebrity Friends
Liza Minnelli will be attending as Luke's celebrity sexy enemy.

Secret Santa limit is $25 and we're meeting on the 20th at an undecided time (last I heard). I think this is on "facebook", so please keep me posted!