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The Official BussX Community

haven't we already watched this episode of glee?

The Official Buss11 Community
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Bus11: Slice of Heaven
coming soon...

"now that's entertainment!", accidental nudity, bad boy energy drink, banging the engine, barbeques without salad, beach cricket, birthday pavlova, blown tires, brad, burnt taco shells, burying jenny, buss finally beginning, buss olympics, buss05, buss06, buss06 pursuit, buss07, buss08, buss09, busselton, bussx, capel, chai tent, cheescake in the fridge, cigarette pasta, cycling, dr moriarty's magic medicine, drawing-pictures-of-each-other, drive in movies, enid blyton, ennis avenue, extreme pool, failed vodka watermelon, fast deposit boxes, fear-and-snake-in-las-vegas, fire twirling, fish and chips, floating trampolines, foot in da face, forgetting about sasha, forgetting luke's tacos, frozen peas, fruity lexia, fuck off and die, fuckkooorrrrf, funkbury, geographe bay road, george street, ghost lamps, glow sticks, here-i-go-again-on-my-own, hoody hoody hoo, human pyramids, i'm sorry... not, jenny and the speds, jonathaaawwwwn, king kong, king ping, kings of death, laksa, leaps and bounds, linga longa, ltmd, luaus, lucy ain't loose, magic pawn, margaret river, marine terrace, mcdonald's breakfasts, mcsubtle, melting moments, mocking chris' penis, moriarty's sandwhich song, moth quiche, mr big stuff, murder in the dark, murder marry fuck, murray murray murray, musical chairs, names in hats, nannup and pemberton, new year's day, nutella ice-cream, oh abby!, omnomnom songs, pasta in general, pile-ups, pilgrims, quiz nights, ravines that sound-like-michael-j-fox, recreating harry potter, scavenger hunts, scrumbles, secret lesbian crushes, sexicana, sexy enemies, showers of power, silly scrabble, singing in spanish, skate boarding, skinny dipping, snake charades, soccer, sock christmas trees, southbound, spontaneous rap, spoon/poon/loon, spotlight, star wars trivial pursuit, strangers-yes family-no, taco meat, tail in da face, tea towel dancing, team cool, the a team, the amazing race, the amazing sock, the beach at night, the bee-ach, the big three, the eighties, the family tree, the flop/the fiest, the gloucter tree, the ian brown song, the lion sleeps tonight, the mythic maze, the office card game, the opposites game, the partay team, the poker nights cd, the scrumble van, the sea king, the spears-minogue family, throwing ice, time's up, toga parties, tom's mum, trio beds, trivial pursuit, twister, under the sexy sea, visits to the gynocolgist, vodka jelly, wacky moriarty day, waking up naked, wank bank, where's my snake?, wine and cheese, zooper doopers